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subjectJiang Chun-xuan has won the Telsio - Galilei Academy of Science =
gold medal award



    Dear Tuncar Sahan,


    I am one of Jiang's best friend and strongest supporter, I very much
appreciate the invitation to Jiang you indicated inviting give some

    at your university to understand his ideas.


    I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that it has just
recently announced that Jiang Chun-xuan has won the Telsio - Galilei =

    Science 2009 gold medal award which he will soon receive at the =
ceremony to be held at the Hilton Croydon Hotel at 11:00am June 5, 2009.


    Four reasons were stated by the Telsio - Galilei Academy of Science =
Jiang won this prestige award:


    -- Jiang Chun-Xuan for the developed of new number theoretic tools =
help in the solution of known fundamental problems in number theory.

    -- The fundamental motivation of Jiang to develop a number theory
different from the one with which most are familiar results from recent
claim that the =20

    Riemann Hypothesis, which lies at the foundations of all prime =
theories, is false, that all calculations done to improve it are false, =
that the  =20

    entire speculative theory done through it is false.=20

    -- Also, he has taken on board many of the mathematical ideas =
with hadronic mathematics as proposed by Santilli. He has made=20

   contributions to iso-number theory which is developed as a result of
contact with Santilli.=20

   -- However, probably, his greatest achievement lies in proof of =
last theorem - something still to receive wide recognition.


   Note: Jiang accomplished his proof of Fermat's Last Theorem on Oct. =
1991; announced and mailed over 600 copies of his proof to =
mathematicians  =20

   and institutions worldwide in early 1992 and again in 1994; published =
proof in Chinese in a journal called Potential Science in China in March

   and published it again in English in a journal Algebra, Group, =
in the USA in 1994, all much earlier than Wiles claiming his final proof =

   Fermat's Last Theorem in 1995.


   Jiang will arrive in London on June 2, attend the ceremony on June 5, =
return with me to Beijing on June 8.


   Regarding your invitation, which Jiang most appreciates, I must =
the following:


   -- Jiang can write mathematical papers in English quite well, which =
most up to standard to be published.=20

   --  Jiang can also read mathematical papers with no great difficulty.

   --  Jiang, however, can not speak any English, and also can not
understand spoken English.

   --  He also has a very strong Hunan accent, thus many (if not most)
Chinese even have difficulty understanding his spoken Chinese.


   Thus, if someone who can speak farely well English and the =
terms, and can also understand his Chinese with a strong Hunan accent, =

   it would be very difficult to communicate with him.


   Accordingly, I would like to propose the following:


   -- Many of Jiang's papers are uploaded for anybody to visit at:


   -- We are also preparing more of his papers to be uploaded to the =


   -- You and your colleagues could review his papers, and outline a =
list of
topics you have greatest interest in, and list the main questions you =
on such  =20



   -- Jiang will study your outline of topics you have most interest, =
the questions you raise on these topics, and will prepare further
explanations on=20

   these questions, form them into a series of explainations, in Word =
or PowerPoint format, and forward back to you.


   -- Upon reviewing his response, you could further consider if it =
would be
feasible for him to give some lectures/seminars at your university to
understand   =20

   his ideas by writing in English, but not speaking in English.


   Best regards

   Chen I-wan

   Innovative Science Sociology researcher

   Advisor Chen I-wan website:

   Chinese version: http://sea3000.net/cheniwan

   English version: http://sea3000.net/cheniwan/e



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